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Flower Shop Hilversum - Hilvertshof

Hilvertshof 8

1211 ER Hilversum

Phone number: +31620298898

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08:00 – 21:00


08:00 – 21:00


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About our automated flower store Hilversum

Welcome to our state-of-the-art automated flower shop in the vibrant Hilvertshof shopping mall in Hilversum. Open daily from 08:00 to 21:00, our flower store offers a revolutionary way to shop for flowers, combining convenience with a selection of stunning floral arrangements.

Located on the lower level of our innovative setup, we proudly present six luxurious bouquet options. Each bouquet is thoughtfully packaged with a shopping bag and a water container, ensuring they remain fresh and beautiful from our store to your home. Our exquisite bouquets are priced between €24.95 and €49.95, designed to suit various tastes and occasions.

Explore the beauty of our ‘Louvre’ bouquets, which are showcased in the larger compartments. These bouquets feature ten outstanding red Naomi roses, known for their vibrant color and long-lasting quality, sourced from the top growers in the world. Guaranteed to bring at least ten days of joy, these flowers are a testament to elegance and beauty.

For those who prefer something equally luxurious but in a smaller package, our deluxe bouquets in the smaller lockers are perfect. Priced at €23.95, these are packed in handy shopping bags, offering an impressive floral experience.

Our ‘Moulin Rouge’ bouquets are another captivating choice. At €23.95, each includes six exquisite red Naomi roses, promising the same longevity and splendor. These smaller arrangements are perfect for anyone who appreciates the essence and aroma of freshly cut flowers.

Enhance your décor with our selection of stylish vases displayed in the upper compartments of our vending machine. Available with or without flowers, these vases come with practical shopping bags, making them easy to transport and stylish to display.

Introducing our Love Collection: an exclusive array of hatboxes filled with preserved roses that last up to five years. These roses require no water or upkeep, making them an everlasting gift that symbolizes enduring love and commitment.

Discover the blend of convenience and beauty at our automated flower store in Hilvertshof shopping mall, Hilversum, where innovative service meets floral artistry.




Automated Flower Shop Hilversum

Hilvertshof 8

1211 ER Hilversum

Phone number: +31620298898

Best flower shop in Hilversum

Visit our flower shop in Hilversum, where each bouquet represents a journey into luxury and elegance. Daily Flowers offers an exquisite range of long-life roses and handcrafted bouquets, ensuring that each arrangement captures the timeless beauty and personal touch that you seek. Our flower shop in Hilversum not only stands out for its quality and sophistication but also for the convenience and personalization it brings to your floral gifting experience.

Buy flowers in Hilversum

When you buy flowers in Hilversum at Daily Flowers, you indulge in an experience of unmatched luxury. Each flower is selected for its lasting beauty and arranged with a finesse that speaks volumes of our commitment to quality. Whether you’re looking for a stunning bouquet to express your feelings or a luxurious arrangement to decorate your space, we provide personalized options and delivery services that redefine convenience in Hilversum.

Florist Hilversum

As the premier florist in Hilversum, Daily Flowers is dedicated to crafting bouquets that go beyond ordinary expectations. Our florists combine expertise with artistic flair to create floral arrangements that are not just gifts, but heartfelt expressions of emotion. With options for every occasion, our florist service in Hilversum ensures that your floral gifts are as unique and special as the moments they celebrate.

Luxurious flowers Hilversum

Experience the ultimate in luxury with our selection of luxurious flowers in Hilversum. At Daily Flowers, we specialize in creating opulent floral designs that make every occasion memorable. From the richness of freshly cut blooms to the sophisticated packaging, each element is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the luxury of our flowers. Indulge in the convenience and elegance that only our Hilversum store can offer, ensuring your floral gifts are always received with admiration and awe.

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Inspired by nature, we want to convey love through our flowers. Our mission is to design and create luxurious bouquets which you or the person you love will remember for eternity.