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Flower Shop Rotterdam - Alexandrium

Alexandrium, Poolsterstraat 5

3067 LX Rotterdam

Phone number: +31620298898

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08:00 – 21:00


08:00 – 21:00


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About our automated flower store Rotterdam Alexandrium

Welcome to our innovative automated flower store nestled in the Alexandrium shopping mall, Rotterdam. Open daily from 08:00 to 21:00, our store offers a unique and convenient floral shopping experience that brings an array of beautiful blooms directly to you.

Situated on the lower tier of our machine, we proudly display six luxurious bouquet options. Each is thoughtfully packaged with a shopping bag and a water container, designed for convenience and care. Prices for these exquisite selections range from €24.95 to €49.95, catering to a variety of preferences and occasions.

Dive into the splendor of our ‘Louvre’ bouquets, available in the larger slots. These feature ten magnificent red Naomi roses, sourced from the foremost red Naomi rose grower in the world. These radiant flowers are guaranteed to bring at least ten days of pleasure, filling your space with beauty and elegance.

For those seeking sophistication in a more compact form, our deluxe bouquets housed in the smaller lockers are the perfect choice. Priced at €23.95, they are packaged in convenient shopping bags and offer an abundance of floral delight comparable to their larger counterparts.

Our ‘Moulin Rouge’ bouquets present another enchanting option. Priced at €23.95, each includes six red Naomi roses, promising the same minimum of ten days of enjoyment. These bouquets are ideal for those who appreciate the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers in a smaller, yet equally impressive arrangement.

Elevate your decor with our selection of beautiful vases located in the upper slots of our vending machine. Available with or without seasonal flowers, these vases are accompanied by handy shopping bags, ensuring they are as transportable as they are stylish.

Introducing the Love Collection: an exquisite assortment of hatboxes filled with long-lasting, preserved roses. These meticulously cared-for roses require no water or maintenance and are guaranteed to last up to five years. They represent a timeless gift, perfect for expressing enduring affection to your loved ones.

Discover the convenience and beauty of shopping at our automated flower store in Alexandrium shopping mall, where floral elegance meets innovative service.

Automated Florist Rotterdam

Alexandrium, poolsterstraat 5

3067 LX Rotterdam

Phone number: +31620298898

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With an extensive selection of flowers and red roses at your disposal, you are certain to discover the ideal bouquet or gift to meet your requirements. What’s more, our convenient after-hours pickup options ensure that you can indulge in late-night flower shopping, acquiring your flowers even when most other shops are closed. So, why wait? Visit Daily Flowers in Alexandrium, Rotterdam. today and seize the opportunity to obtain the freshest, most beautiful flowers available, even after 19:00, for your late-night flower shopping needs.


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Inspired by nature, we want to convey love through our flowers. Our mission is to design and create luxurious bouquets which you or the person you love will remember for eternity.