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Flowers in a vase care instructions

You have received flowers in a vase and we would like to advise you on how to make this fabulous flower last as long as possible.

Maintain your Flowers in a vase by removing anything that has fallen into the water will stimulate bacteria growth and shorten the vase life of your beautiful flowers. We recommend changing the water of your flowers in a vase every three days. Note: flowers like water on room temperature!

Ripening fruits produce a gas called Ethylene gas. This particular gas will accelerate the blossoms of your flowers and therefore shorten their life. Don’t put your flowers anywhere near ripening fruit!


Cut the stems diagonally 5 cm with a clean sharp knife or scissors.


Keep ripening fruit away because the released gases shorten the life of the Hydrangea's.


Prevent petals from going underwater. This prevents bacteria growth

seeds bag

Add Chrysal heester food for vigorous flowering and cleaner water.


Change the water every 3 days and preferably use a glass vase, so that contamination is visible.


Enjoy your beautiful Flowers!

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