Tulpen bestellen Amsterdam

Dutch Tulips

Tulips provide a cheerful spring atmosphere at home. The different variants and colors each have their own look. They can be part of a large bouquet or be a beautiful eye-catcher on their own.

In order to enjoy your Tulips as long as possible, prepare a thoroughly clean vase, adding fresh water at room temperature mixed with Chrysal flower food as instructed on the card.

A clean vase and flower food is our recommended way to extend the life of your Fresh bouquet of tulips.


After purchase, put your tulips as soon as possible in a clean vase with water!


Cut the stems Straight 5 cm with a clean sharp knife or scissors.


Prevent petals from going underwater. This prevents bacteria growth

seeds bag

Add Chrysal cut flower food for vigorous flowering and cleaner water.


Keep ripening fruit away because the released gases shorten the life of the Tulips.


Never mix new with old Tulips


Change the water every 3 days and preferably use a glass vase, so that contamination is visible.


Enjoy our beautiful Tulips!

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